The client process of picking a designer can be simplified into a simple four-piece equation.

1) Price
The first and most basic element for why any client chooses their designer is price. Every client wants a designer in their price range, and every designer wants their client to be vocal about their budget.

3) Portfolio
By reviewing portfolios and historical work, clients are able to see that you have a similar sense of style to what they see for themselves.

5) Personality
Like any good relationship, there needs to be chemistry. Most clients are aware that they will be investing a significant amount of time and, more importantly, a fair share of faith and trust in their designer.

7) Personalization
The final piece of the designer/client equation is personalization. This is when a designer goes out of their way to truly understand the client’s needs and lifestyle, and how they can best tailor the space for a better life.

And that’s it! The simple four-piece equation of what a client wants: price, portfolio, personality, and personalization.


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