Interiors Budget: How much do home Interiors cost?

Client’s perspective

I am currently engaged in designing my new home even though I don’t have any experience before.

Below is a simple 10-step process of how I planned and estimated the interior budget ( Interior cost ).

A) Self Preparation

  1. First and foremost, there needs to be an abstract idea of what your interior might look like. Like Room dimensions, Basic geometry, etc.
  2. Now to find your area of interest you can use apps like Pinterest or do a basic Google search this process will give you a vague vision of what you want.
  3. The most challenging part is to finalize the design, the reason being your mind is flooded with lots of images.
  4. In order to shortlist, use the method of elimination. In my case, I eliminated designs that had too many elements. Select minimum (4-5) pictures of your favorite designs
  5. The next and most important thing is to have a budget in your mind and remember that 90% of the time the cost will be more than your budget so keep the flexibility of 5 to)10%.

B) The actual Work

  1. You can now directly contact interior designers or ask your friends of anyone whose home has been recently constructed and try to contact their mason or carpenter or painter, the reason being they have a very good network of people like interior designers or an engineer and these are the people who know an exact cost of materials with different Quality plus labor charge.
  2. As soon as you get their info just explain to them what you did so far and just show them your set of pictures (4-5) and directly ask them to estimate the cost of these interior designs.
  3. Here most of them will try to pitch themselves and their own idea on how they can make it better. It’s up to you depending on your interior budget whether to hire them or not.
  4. It’s better to negotiate with them and give them a contract otherwise it will be a headache for you to search for different people for different tasks.
  5. I hired an interior designer and brainstormed with him all the possible designs and was surprised to know how many options I had within my budget.

Hopes this helps.


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