New homeowner’s Checklist

It’s Excellent that you have bought the property of your dreams. For this, kudos to you for coming so far in your life. You are now one step away from making a bare shell house to a beautifully organized home. subsequently, we know the exhausting process of catching hold of carpenters and other laborers with their accountability at bay. Here, the new homeowner’s checklist will come handy before approaching an interior designer.

Since we have been helping homeowners for years. we’ve tried answering most of the questions you will have during the process. Hence, Here’s what you need to know before you hire an interior designer.

First Homeowner’s Checklist | Updates from the society sales office

  1. The expected possession date of your property flat/bungalow. certainly, it’s good to know some builders allow prepossession for interior work.
  2. Is the builder allowing any demolition work and changes to the layout?
  3. Any restriction on changing the existing electrical and plumbing layout? (Also good to know existing generator backup points given )
  4. Is the builder providing any interior work? (For example, Basic false ceiling, modular kitchen, or sanitary fittings)
  5. Will there be finishing work done after interiors? (like a coat of paint). If yes, any warranty for done interiors.
  6. Any form of formal communication required from interior designers to the builder’s office? (Like a commitment letter )
  7. Is there any security deposit to be given to society? (In case of any damage premisses)

Second Checklist |What is the best time to approach a designer?

Apartment: Through our experience working with people, Above all, we understand your job schedules, family time, hobbies, weekend plans, grocery shopping, and the list is endless that you manage. we totally get it. certainly, we recommend you contact the Aarkin design studio 3-4 months before possession. As a result, that leaves enough time for design and execution.

House | Bungalow | Villa: The timeline for completing home interiors varies from project to project. However, for a home, it can take an average of 3-6 months to finish interiors. So, the best time to approach a designer is when the structure is ready and you are nearing the plastering stage.

We’ll explore in the next post, “Why to choose an expert residential interior designer over your architect.

Third Checklist | Scope of Interiors

The Most Important thing to ask yourself,

  1. Is it for rent?
  2. Are you looking for minimal interiors? (necessities)
  3. Do you have furniture?
  4. Who is using the space? in addition, what space is going to be used for?
  5. How much money have you set aside for interiors?

The scope of work varies based on your responses to these questions.

If you are looking for,

  • Essential interiors only, kitchen, wardrobes, and an entertainment unit are what you might need.
  • Full home interiors include furniture, decor, and basic furnishings.
  • Finishing and addition, Tiling, false ceiling, and painting are all added services to finish the look.

In conclusion, these essentials mentioned should prepare you for your first meeting with a designer. You will feel more confident about yourself and will ease the process of design resulting in a better custom solution for your house.

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    If you already have the information that you need, we have answered more interesting questions frequently asked by our previous clients. I hope it will help clear your thoughts and keep moving ahead with your project.

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