Hey guys I wanted to know from you, what do you do when clients ask you to show your previous sites?

1) Show them before and after photos of your previous …90% will meltdown there.

2) Tell them, I’m not sure if that is possible, i have to take permission from my client regarding that. Now, Redirect to step 1, and show them one more project before after photos. 5% will consider that.

3) For the last 5%, you pick up the phone and call your previous client and request a visit.

4) You show ongoing work.

5) Trick is that, whenever you complete a project, tell the client you’ll expect few visitors once the work gets completed. They’ll never ever say no. Instead, they’ll appreciate that.

6) Get them to your office and show them ongoing work what your employees are working on…..

8) This one best one, have patience, say to yourself you did it well, and move on to the next client. 😄

10) Pre orientation is very important.

Tell them ill show you…but you’ll have to do the same once your projects get completed.

Keep this practice, be upfront at the start of the project.

List down 5 supportive client names and numbers.

They’ll never call and take you in confidence.


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