1200Sqft 2bhk interiors, wagholi (july2017)

Completed interior design work for a client @kolte patil, wagholi, Pune www.aarkin.in

This is a budget interiors, I tried achieving it to the fullest. Interior scope involved of designing full house except the balcony. To start with the living room we have tried to bring a bright color theme to make the space more lively. keeping the bold red as an accent color combined with the neutral property of grey and freshness of yellow. sofa fabric was selected as green in color, center table is made of ply with laser cut leaf patterns on top and side. The dining area has a wall mounted crockery unit with a sleek modern dining table. TV unit is purposefully placed by blocking the half window to accommodate the TV unit. Emphasizes is giving on Decor with the installation of costume wall art mirrors in motif  pattern and some paintings. For the sculpture decor niches are formed in the extended TV unit.


Master bedroom has a sliding wardrobe + loft  with dresser next to it. The room also has a folding table for study purpose. The bed is designed for pullout storage with one side table.

Living room before after pictures


Living room feature wall and dining table
master bedroom- before after pictures
kitchen- before after pictures
TV ledge and dressing table
Living space- sofa and dining table before after picture
Living room-before and after sitting area TV unit
Master bedroom- Bed view
Center table Design – laser Cut
Crockery unit and custom wall art work
Living room wooden false ceiling
kitchen ss racks
False ceiling- color continuation from column to beam to ceiling
Living room- sofa dinning TV unit
Living room – Art wall
Living Space – niche light and balcony door with curtains
Living room false ceiling design
custom fabric sofa with puffer with center table
living room- view across the room
living room – looking at the entrance door
living room- view across the room
living room – tv unit
kitchen- storage, ss baskets, vertical pullout and overhead storage, acrylic finish
Solid wood TV ledge
Master bedroom – Sliding Wardrobe ,dressing table and Solid wood TV ledge
The master bed – colorful curtains
Master bedroom view – bed back, wall paneling , bed drawer storage
1) 3D view 1
2) 3D view 2
3) 3D view 3

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